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Our church website is designed to meet the information needs of church members, seekers desiring to learn more about our church, and general site visitors. We strive to keep the site up-to-date with current information and useful services. Routine site updates resulting from church events and activities are typically captured in the "Recent Site Updates" article that appears in the right column of the front page. Apart from these routine updates, we also occasionally add new capabilities and services that are usually reflected by additions to the menu items shown at the top of each page. On this page we will provide a cumulative list of those site updates.

Added a Sitemap (04/02/2018)

In accordance with good website practices, we now provide a sitemap for our site. This file helps search engines like Google and Bing to index information on our site more efficiently.

Reorganized Sermons (10/04/2017)

Several new features have been added in the Sermons area under the Media Center menu. The initial display now includes sermons grouped by months in the left sidebar with a list of all sermons delivered by our ministerial staff shown in the main portioon of the window. Sermons are grouped by Series in chronological order. Sermons within a series may be selected or played without opening the sermon detail page. Also, clicking on all scripture references produces a pop-up window showing the scripture text.

Added Deacons of the Week (09/22/2017)

Each week two deacons are available to receive calls from members and guests concerning prayer requests and/or ministry needs. The names of these deacons now appear in the right sidebar of the front page of the website. Clicking on a name will bring up his contact information.

Added Guest Guide (05/21/2017)

Added an electronic copy of our new Guest Guide that our greeters distribute to all first-time guests.

Added The Table Podcast to our Newsfeeds/Podcasts page (02/07/2017)

Published by Dallas Theological Seminary, this is a weekly podcast on topics related to God, Christianity, and Culture.

All cookbc.org website traffic is now encrypted (10/01/2016)

While your communication with sensitive websites through cookbc.org, such those used for event registration payments and tithes and offerings have always used secure, encrypted communication, we are now encrypting ALL data exchanged between your computer and our server. Our server employs the highest level of security available to ensure that all communication with cookbc.org is private. You do not have to do anything special to activate encrypted communication as all modern web browsers will detect this automatically and begin using it without interruption. You may notice on the address bar of you browser that our web address is technically now https://cookbc.org, indicating that your browser is using secure communication with our server. There may be other visual cues to further assure you that your connection is secure and private. Enjoy safe and secure browsing of the cookbc.org website.

Video Announcements now available on the Media Center menu (04/14/2016)

The latest video announcements that run at the beginning of our Sunday morning worship services is now available under our Media Center menu. The opening page popup the plays the video announcements will now be active only through the Monday following the Sunday that it is played in the sanctuary. You can select the Video Announcements menu item on the Media Center main menu item to play the latest video announcements in high resolution at any time.

Our New Smartphone App is Available (09/17/2015)

You can now stay connected to Cook Baptist Church when you're on the go. Our free apps for both iPhone and Android smartphones are now available in the iTunes AppStore and on Google Play, respectively. You can also click on the Get the App icon in the top left corner of any cookbc.org web page and you will be taken to a download page. With our new app you will have easy access to updated announcement notifications, sermon audio and video, event sign-ups, and even online giving.

Added Impact 360 Institute to the Newsfeeds/Podcasts page (07/07/2015)

A link to the podcasts published by Impact 360 Institute has been added to the list of available podcasts that focus on Christian Apologetics.

Added Newsfeeds/Podcasts menu item (04/21/2015)

From Newsfeeds/Podcasts page you can find links to recent sermons from Cook's pastoral staff and special guest speakers as published through our iTunes podcast feed. Additionally, we have the capability to post links to external newsfeeds and podcasts that are of interest to Cook members and site guests. The first such external newsfeed is the "Think Christianly" blog which deals with Christian Apologetics. Click on Media Center...Newsfeeds/Podcasts to access the available newsfeeds and podcasts.

Added Sunday Worship Folder menu item (04/19/2015)

An electronic copy of the upcoming (or most recent) Sunday Morning Worship Folder can be viewed here or downloaded in PDF format. The newest copy of the worship folder is usually posted on Thursday afternoon. You can use this page to learn and be reminded of church announcments and upcoming activities should you misplace the printed copy you receive on Sunday morning. Click on Media Center...Sunday Worship Folder to access this page.

Added "Recent Tweets" module (01/28/2015)

Our outgoing Twitter feed now appears in the right column of our home page.

Church Library Catalog and Book Lending Made Available Online (01/22/2015)

The entire catalog of over 5,000 circulating books and multimedia items are now available for searching through the cookbc.org website. Cover photos and catalog descriptions of most items are also displayed. Once an item has been selected, church members can post a Lend Request for the item. Church library staff will receive the request the next time they log in and will prepare the item for checkout. The item can be picked up at the library desk any time the library is open.

Added Video Announcement Popup (11/09/2014)

The YouTube announcements video that is shown at the start of the morning worship service on some Sundays is now presented as a popup on the initial visit to the cookbc.org home page each day.

Event Booking Added (09/05/2014)

Both free and paid events can now be set up and managed by church staff. Registrations can be tracked online. Payments can be processed online through PayPal or offline.

Online Giving Enabled (07/19/2014)

Contributions to the church can now be made online through Vanco Services. Contributions will be posted to the donor's consolidated contribution record maintained by the church.

Added Electronic Newsletters and Mass Email (05/22/2014)

A mailing list manager has been procured that allows us to maintain multiple mailing lists. Using this module we can send targeted emails to subsets of our membership. We began using this capability to send electronic copies of our monthly newsletter, "Cook Connection", to all members to supplement the printed copy they receive in the Baptist Message. Beginning in January, 2015, we also email a copy of the Sunday morning announcements slides to all members. Subscriptions to the various mailing lists can be managed from "Newsletter" module that appears at the bottom of the main page of the website.

Enabled Access to LifeTouch Online Member Directory (04/28/2014)

Members can now view the church pictorial directory online. Families can edit and update their own information.

New Website Launch (04/14/2014)

The new website for Cook Baptist Church was debuted and the preferred domain name was changed from cookbc.com to cookbc.org to better reflect the nature of our organization.The initial site included basic information pages and the ability to organize and stream multimedia events, including sermons.



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