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We are pleased to provide the following links to Newsfeeds and Podcasts that are of interest to our members and site visitors. For more experienced users, these Newsfeeds/Podcasts may be more readily accessible from mobile devices using newsreader apps that connect directly to online Newsfeed/Podcast directories such as iTunes or feedburner.

The rapid rise in popularity of electronic document readers, smartphones, and tablets means that high quality Christian discipleship literature is now widely available in electronic formats compatible with these devices. An up-to-date directory of resources in electronic format can be found here.

Cook Baptist Church Sermons

A complete directory of sermons delivered by the pastors of Cook Baptist Church and selected guest speakers is available elsewhere on our website. Also included on that page are links to podcasts of these messages suitable for use with a compatible podcast viewer. Most of our podcasts include both audio and video streams along with supplemental notes. The most recent of these messages are listed below.

Note that we have no control over the content of the following external newsfeeds and podcasts and provide these links as a convenience to our site users.

Think Christianly


Think Christianly exists to help Christians understand what they believe, why they believe it, and why it matters. Click on the Play button below to listen to an introductory podcast titled "Living as a Christian in a Post-Christian Culture."

Christian Worldview Thinking


This is a podcast that will challenge you to think faithfully and engage your culture. Listen to some of the top thought leaders in Worldview and apologetics as we dive deep into what it means to live and think faithfully in today’s turbulent culture.

Stand to Reason


Stand to Reason trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square.

Cold Case Christianity


J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective, adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University, Christian case maker and author. J. Warner was a conscientious and vocal atheist through his undergraduate and graduate work in Design and Architecture (CSULB and UCLA); he always considered himself to be an “evidentialist”. His experience in law enforcement only served to strengthen his conviction that truth is tied directly to evidence. But at the age of thirty-five, J. Warner took a serious and expansive look at the evidence for the Christian Worldview and determined that Christianity was demonstrably true. After becoming a Christ follower in 1996, Jim continued to take an evidential approach to truth as he examined the Christian worldview. He eventually earned a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

Impact 360 Institute


Because all truth is God’s truth we reject the idea that reality is to be carved up into the artificial categories of sacred and secular. As Christ-followers we are called to live every aspect of our lives under God’s authority and for God’s glory. Classical thinkers referred to this as Coram Deo (literally “before the face of God”). How we think and how we live go together.

The Table Podcast


The Table is a weekly podcast on topics related to God, Christianity, and Culture.

The One Minute Apologist


The One Minute Apologist exists to provide Christians with credible answers to curious questions.

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