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Plot Twist - The Story of Joseph

General Topics

When Jesus Calls Your Name (August 15 2021)

Three Keys for Straight Paths (July 25 2021)

You Are Treasured (July 04 2021)

Faith at Home (June 20 2021)

A Surprising Glimpse of the Glory of God (March 07 2021)

The Cloud (February 28 2021)

STRONG: Courage Over Fear (February 21 2021)

The Pursuit of Holiness (January 03 2021)

The Power of Thanks (November 22 2020)

Guarding Our Heart In The Last Days (October 11 2020)

Run To The Father (October 04 2020)

Redeeming Love (September 27 2020)

STRONG - Courage Over Fear (May 22 2020)

Miracles - Nothing Is Impossible (May 17 2020)

Easter (April 12 2020)

Palm Sunday: Celebrate the King (April 05 2020)

Looking Through the Eyes of Jesus (March 29 2020)

From Trial to Splendor (March 22 2020)

The Good Shepherd (February 16 2020)

The Quest for the Evangelistic Heart (February 09 2020)

Watch and Pray (January 19 2020)

Rejection (January 19 2020)

God, Can You Hear Me Now? (January 12 2020)

God Loves a Cheerful Giver (January 12 2020)

Cast All Your Cares On Jesus (December 22 2019)

Thankful (November 24 2019)

Trusting the Promise Keeper (November 17 2019)

Wired for Worship (November 10 2019)

How to be an Encourager (October 27 2019)

Created Masterpiece (October 20 2019)

I Am The True Vine (October 13 2019)

How to Relate Wisely to Other People (October 06 2019)

Better Together (September 22 2019)

Which Side Is Your Baptism On? (September 15 2019)

Justified By Faith (September 08 2019)

Be Kind (June 23 2019)

The Significance of Gethsemane (June 02 2019)

Be Joyful (May 26 2019)

Knowing Christ (May 19 2019)

Relationship Required (April 28 2019)

Beach Reach and Taiwan Mission Team Reports (March 17 2019)

Honduras Mission Team Report (March 10 2019)

A Reminder of God's Love (December 30 2018)

A Living Hope (November 25 2018)

Letting Go of Our Guilt (November 25 2018)

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life (November 18 2018)

The Lord Is My Banner (October 14 2018)

The Lord's Supper - 18-08-26 (August 26 2018)

Focusing on Jesus in the Midst of Our Struggles (June 24 2018)

Seek First (June 10 2018)

How to Ruin My Life and How to Start Over When I Do (June 03 2018)

We Believe (May 20 2018)

Parental Guidance Required (May 13 2018)

Filled With The Spirit (April 29 2018)

God's Loving Discipline (April 29 2018)

Focusing on God's Power for Our Lives (April 08 2018)

The Gift of Salvation (April 08 2018)

Seeing Jesus Changes Everything (March 18 2018)

Praying for One Another (March 11 2018)

Remember: The Lord's Supper (March 04 2018)

The Greatest Gift (December 03 2017)

Doing Life "IN CHRIST" (November 26 2017)

How the Word of God Stays in Our Heart (October 29 2017)

It all Comes Down to the Cross (October 22 2017)

Proof Positive (October 15 2017)

CBC Working Together as a Team (October 08 2017)

Assurance of Salvation (October 08 2017)

A New Beginning (October 01 2017)

Revival Is Going Back to Bethel (September 24 2017)

Tearful Planting, Joyful Harvesting (September 17 2017)

When Jesus Shows Up (September 10 2017)

Growing in the Likeness of Christ (August 27 2017)

The Goal: Holiness (August 20 2017)

The Prayer of Jabez (August 13 2017)

The Lord's Supper (July 30 2017)

How to Encourage Your Pastor (July 23 2017)

What Do We Need To Keep Moving Forward? (July 16 2017)

Calling God's People to Repent (July 09 2017)

Jesus: The Object of Faith (June 25 2017)

DAD (June 18 2017)

The Great Treasure (June 11 2017)

Pain (June 04 2017)

A Great Commitment to God's Word (May 21 2017)

The Lord's Supper (April 30 2017)

How to Perfect Personal Holiness (April 23 2017)

Why is the Resurrection Important? (April 16 2017)

The Triumphal Entry (April 09 2017)

Redefining Discipleship (February 12 2017)

Crossing the Wall (February 05 2017)

What Does It Mean To Be A Church Member? (January 15 2017)

The Heavenly Reality (January 08 2017)

The Church Following Christ (January 01 2017)

Little Truths In The Christmas Story (December 25 2016)

Mary, Mother of Messiah (December 18 2016)

A Different Birth (December 11 2016)

Living in a Scary World (December 04 2016)

The Primacy of Prayer (November 27 2016)

When Heaven Rejoices (November 20 2016)

Common Sense Church Administration (November 13 2016)

On Wings of Eagles (October 30 2016)

Prayer - Trusting God in a Hurting World

Joy Full - A Generous and Content Life


Prove It


Home for Christmas

Troubled Hearts

The Good Life


Emotions: Getting a Grip of your Heart and Mind

As It Is In Heaven

The Pursuit: God's Steadfast Love

Body Armor

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe - Part 10 - The Priesthood of the Believer (March 08 2020)

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe - Part 9 - Trust the Process: Our Daily Sanctification (March 01 2020)

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe - Part 8 - Christ Centered Family (February 23 2020)

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe - Part 7 - The Church (December 08 2019)

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe - Part 6 - Grace (December 01 2019)

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe - Part 5 - Salvation (November 10 2019)

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe - Part 4 - Holy Spirit (November 03 2019)

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe - Part 3 - Jesus (October 20 2019)

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe - Part 2 - God (October 13 2019)

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe - Part 1 - Scripture (October 06 2019)

The Season of Grace

Soul Activity

The Race




Rethinking the Church

Into the Storm

A League of Unlikely Heroes

Vintage Christmas

Great Relationships

From the time we are born, relationships are constantly shaping who we are and how we engage with the world around us. Beginning with how we see ourselves, we develop a view of God and others that impacts the way we relate as a single, as a married couple, as parents and even as grandparents. In this series called Great Relationships we will look at relationships the way God intended them to be. Because He has gone to extraordinary lengths to relate to us, we have the potential to build great relationships with one another. Embracing God’s love and receiving His grace changes the way we relate to Him, our family, our friends, and ourselves.

The Boots of Faith

Romans: Foundations of Faith

The Book of Romans is one of the most foundational studies in all of scripture. Paul the apostle who wrote this book helps us understand our need for a savior, what Jesus did to save us and how to apply that to our lives. Over the coming weeks, the Apostle will take us on a roller coaster experience from the depths of mankind’s depravity to the heights of God’s glory revealed in Jesus.

Life On Mission

The Holy Spirit: Living In Third Person

Simply put, it is impossible to do the Christian life apart from the Holy Spirit of God. And yet the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, is often misunderstood, neglected, or misapplied altogether. And yet He remains the essential Person, Presence, and Power for any and all transformation into the image of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is the One who regenerates, gives spiritual wisdom, creates anew, convicts of sin, illumines the truth, comforts, teaches, and seals us as redeemed in Christ!

How to Get Unstuck

Do you feel like your life is stuck? Maybe life isn't falling apart or it's not really bad, you just can't seem to get to the next level. In this series "#howtogetUNstuck," we'll focus on areas for personal growth and ways to help you get rid of the things that keep you from God's best.

Easter 2018 at Cook

Joseph: Sovereign In The Silence

A series on the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis. Sometimes life goes from bad to worse, and shortly after goes from worse to devastation. It’s easy to start asking, “Where is God?”, “Doesn’t God see what’s going on?”, and “Why doesn’t He do something about it?” Pastor Jeff unpacks how a sovereign God was at work through the life of Joseph even when God seemed silent.

UNLEASHED: Finding Freedom in Galatians

So often, the greatest thing keeping us from the life God has for us…is us. When we see how God has set us free, we are unleashed into a rich and full life with Him. As we live this new life in Christ, we’re given a choice – continue to pursue a life of playing it safe, or live a life fully unleashed.

IGNITE: Revive Us Again


Jesus is all about making things new. But in order for the "new" to move in, the "old" has got to move out! Jesus invites you to lay the old aside in 2018—by His power and for His glory. What will you choose to do with this invitation to RESTART?

I AM: Knowing the Real Jesus

Everyone seems to have their own take on who Jesus is. Some will say he was a good man, some will say he was a wonderful teacher, some will say he was just a prophet, and others will say he was a crazy man (including his own family). Even those who confess that he is the “Son of God who takes away the sin of the world” will often soften him or try to form him into their own image. But who does Jesus say that He is? Who is the REAL JESUS? In this sermon series, Pastor Jeff explores the answers to these profound questions, along with the implications for our very lives.

The Connection Point: ME

You and I as believers are to be the connection point between heaven and earth. It’s who we are! Ultimately that’s what the church is all about. We’re to be the ones who are introducing this lost world to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Jeff examines the purpose of the church, why we exist, as well as cast some vision for some big things for the future.

Who Does God Say I Am?