College/Missions Ministry - December 2018


As we approach the Christmas season, there are definitely a few things that we as a church family can do to make an impact in the college-aged community located in Tech, Grambling, and Delta Community. Here are a few ideas:

  1. As a Connect Group, put together care packages for students. Include snacks, bookmarks, a hand-written note, or simple ten-sion relievers such as stress-squeeze balls. Let students know your church is praying for them.
  2. Invite a student to share a home-cooked meal with you to get acquainted.
  3. Contact the international student office or ELS Center to see if there are students who won’t be going home for Christmas. Offer hospitality — Christmas dinner, time with a church family — to them.
  4. Host a gathering for your church’s college students who are back home during the Christmas holidays. Let us know if you’d be interested in hosting something.
  5. Wal-Mart gift cards are awesome gifts…with a note.
  6. Invite college-aged people in the community (they are everywhere…waiters/waitresses, cashiers at stores, gas station attendants, retail stores, etc…) to attend a Christmas event with you and your family.

Thank you for all the love shown to college students during the fall! You have generously opened your arms and homes to dozens of college students. Big Free Lunches have been HUGE!!....and of course the food is amazing! Thank you for being a church who loves college students!

This spring, our college group will be participating in three mission trips. One of those is going to “BEACH REACH” from March 2 – 9, 2019. We’ll be taking a team down to Panama City Beach, FL, to share the gospel with thousands of college students who go there to party. Find out more at If you’d like to help (or come along) with our mission trip, please let me know!

We love our church family! Blessed to be doing ministry alongside each one of you!
Merry Christmas!

“May the Lord bless you and keep you….” Numbers 6:24-26

Chris, Amanda, Makaylan, Hannah, and Aaron Walker

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