College/Missions Ministry - July 2015


  2. What you do the first three weeks of the fall semester usually determines what you will do the entire first year of college. Get into a regular schedule of classes, study, recreation, and rest. Balance is important. Many fall behind during the period and never recover or they establish habits that are harmful to a successful college career.

  4. Choose friends by your priorities, not your priorities by your friends. In the rush to make friends, many freshmen fall into the trap of connecting with the first group of people they meet and become involved in things they would never have decided to do on their own. Decide what is important to you. What are your values and priorities? Find and choose friends who share and will encourage you in these values and priorities.

  6. Many freshmen do not have a good experience because they are not there emotionally. Don't hang around your high school or plan your schedule around your former high school's events. There is more to being a college student than taking classes. Find ways to be a part of campus life.

  8. Studies and surveys indicate that the happiest and most successful students are those who are involved with a campus group. Campus Christian organizations offer a wide variety of activities like intramurals, lunch meetings, large group events, and small sharing groups. Involvement is voluntary and does not require membership.

  9. IT'S OK TO CHANGE YOUR MAJOR (or not have one)
  10. Many freshmen jump into a major not suited for them and get behind by taking classes in that major instead of the basics. Your freshman year is designed to be a time of adjusting to what college is all about and discovering interests and abilities while taking basic requirement courses. On average, college students change majors three to four times. Don't hesitate to change should you decide you are in the wrong area.

While in Ruston, we want you to grow in your faith as well as become a well-rounded, productive citizen who learns responsibility and what it
means to be part of the Body of Christ aka the "Church". We want you to feel welcome and part of our church family from the moment you walk in the doors for the first time! If there's anything we can do to help you in anyway (prayer, physical needs, counseling, etc....) please let us know!

We love you!

Cook Baptist church family.....thanks for all you do to invest in the lives of young adults in Ruston!

"May the Lord bless you and keep you...." Numbers 6:24-26

Chris, Amanda, Makaylan, and Hannah Walker

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College/Missions Ministry - June 2015

>Hey Cook family! Thank you for supporting your "Cook-on-Campus" university ministry this past school year! Because of your generous support we were able to make a huge impact in our college-aged community.....reaching people from the following countries: Nigeria, Cameroon, Sudan, China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, Saudia Arabia, Isle of Dominica, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey....and students from the following states: California, Texas, New Jersey, North Carolina, Arkansas, Texas and New Mexico! Forty-three students were able to participate in mission trips to New York, New Orleans, Guatemala, North Dakota, Thailand and Alaska. We averaged around 32 students in Sunday School, and around 40 in our mid-week Bible Study. Numerous families from Cook allowed students into their homes for parties and Bible studies, and I know many of you also financially sponsored students to go on a mission trip. You helped cook food for Big Free Lunch....and you selflessly gave hundreds of hats, flip-flops, hair accessories, and school supplies to be used in ministry. WOW....thank you, thank you, thank you! There's no way the Powells, Hoods, Breshears, or Amanda and I could be able to invest in the lives of students without your love and support! We love you!

As we head into the summer months, be praying about how you can be involved in the college ministry next year!

Here's another good article written by my friend Arliss Dickerson entitled, Reasons Students Stop Attending.

"Here are what I think are the top reasons Christian students go to or leave a particular ministry, apart from a faith crisis.
1. Language and style

Ministries may have the same theology, but they say it differently or just do it differently. It goes to natural comfort level.

2. Schedule

Sometimes, it is just as simple as one ministry's schedule working better for that student. Work or new classes may bring about a change in schedule.

3. The Cool Place

A Campus Ministry may get the reputation of being THE ministry on campus and students go there for that reason. Never forget that there is some "word of Mouth" about your ministry on campus....good or bad...deserved or undeserved.

4. Size

Some students attend a ministry because it is large (The Cool Place) but some students want to go to a small ministry because they may feel more known or it feels more like their home church.

5. Theology

I am amazed that some ministries tout that they teach no theology...just the Bible. Every ministry is espousing a theology. Sometimes, a student comes into a ministry to later decide that their beliefs are different and move to another ministry.

6. Relationships

I believe for good or bad, the number one reason students attend or quit attending a particular ministry is relationships. A quarrel or breakup in a relationship can send a student to another ministry. All of us have experienced a couple who date breaking up....and then BOTH stop coming because they are afraid they will run into the other!"

We love you Cook family! Thank you for being a church who loves college students!

"May the Lord bless you and keep you...." Numbers 6:24-26

Chris, Amanda, Makaylan, and Hannah Walker

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College/Missions Ministry - April 2015

Have we told you lately how thankful we are to have a church family who loves college students? It’s so evident by the way you support our students through hospitality, encouragement, friendly hugs and meaningful conversations (and the amount of food that shows up for Big Free Lunch each month…ha!). From Sunday School teachers, to Wednesday night leaders and “adopt-a-collegestudent” adopters, you make our college students feel welcomed and part of our “Cook” family!

As this school year winds down, and we begin to focus on graduation, summer and even look ahead to next fall, Amanda and I are full of excitement! We’ve had a large group of freshmen get involved with our college ministry and along with a great group of high school seniors moving up, we’re preparing for our best college ministry year yet! If you’d like to get involved with our college ministry, we could sure use some more people to come love and serve our students! From teachers, encouragers, disciplers, adopters, and huggers….we can definitely use you!

Here’s a few college events that will be happening soon….we’d love for you to get plugged in:

  • March 30 – April 2 – Res Week activities on Tech’s campus, ending with a Lecrae concert on Thursday
  • April 5 - Easter
  • April 12 – Big Free Lunch (Adult 2 & Agape hosting)
  • April 26 – College-led evening worship service
  • May 3 – College graduate recognition service & Churchwide Potluck
  • June 1 - 5 – Vacation Bible School at Cook
  • June 6 – 13 – Anchorage, Alaska Mission Trip

We love y’all! If you have any suggestions on how we could do college ministry better, please let us know.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you….”

Chris, Amanda, Makaylan, and Hannah

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College/Missions Ministry - March 2015

Have I mentioned lately how blessed we are to have a church family like Cook BC? Y'all are consistently making eternal investments in the lives of young people. Just in the college ministry, you've helped us prepare food for lunches at the BCM and once a month for Big Free Lunch here at willingly "adopt" students into your family through our "College Adopt-a-Student Program" sacrificially give of your time preparing to teach students in Sunday School and on Wednesday allow our students to take part in mission trips and ministry opportunities. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As always, we're looking for individuals and couples who might be willing to invest some time into our college students by helping us as teachers during Sunday School, or as "encouragers" during our Wednesday night college Bible study/worship time at 6:00 p.m. Would you pray and see if the Lord is asking you to help in the college department?

Upcoming events:
March 1 – 7pm (after evening worship) - Pancake Supper in Cook gym
March 4 - 8 – MISSION NEW ORLEANS 2015
March 7 – 10am – Tech winter graduation at Thomas Assembly Center
March 15 – Big Free Lunch hosted by "Mosaic" SS class
April 5 – EASTER
April 12 – Big Free Lunch hosted by Adult 2 & Agape
April 26 – College-led evening worship service

Do you know a college student interested in summer or semester missions? Let them know about Do you have any ideas for how we could do college ministry better? We'd love to hear from you! Email me at

If you'd like to keep up with our college ministry on social media, you can find on Facebook at Cook-on-Campus/Cook Baptist Church or on Twitter @COOKonCAMPUS or on Instagram @cookoncampus.

"May the Lord bless you and keep you...." Numbers 6:24-26
Chris, Amanda, Makaylan and Hannah Walker

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2015 Mission Trips

New Orleans, LA

March 4th (Wed.) – 8th (Sunday)
Cost - $150 (due Feb. 18) – includes all meals except the 2 "on-the-road" (1 going & 1 coming); also opportunities for WW2 museum, Aquarium of the Americas, and an NBA basketball game are optional, so bring extra $$ if you'd like to do one of those.

You'll get a crash course in "urban missions" as we serve alongside some local churches and ministries in the Big Easy! Servant evangelism, prayerwalking, port ministry, women's shelter, homeless feeding, etc....

Team Leaders: Chris & Amanda Walker (

Anchorage, Alaska

June 6th (Saturday) – 13th (Saturday)
Cost - $900 (non-refundable deposit of $50 is due ASAP to reserve a spot
Only 15 spots available.

Alaska Missions' strategy is anchored in building relationships and meeting needs of the community. Serving. Giving. Ranging from feeding and mentoring hungry children in city parks or in bush villages, providing volunteers for signature Alaskan events, and repairing homes in villages and assisting with Native youth camps, we intend to spur restoration and revival in Alaska. Our ultimate hope is to share freedom in Christ.

Team Leaders: Chris & Amanda Walker (

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Dates: (Summer) 10-12 days
Cost $1300
Needing a team of 4-6 men who are knowledgeable and able to help
build a house for youth orphans. Must be skilled (or willing to learn)
in concrete, dry wall, brick/cinderblock laying....possibly some inside
finishing work, depending on when in the project the team arrives.
Team members need to be able to make adjustments and solve
problems as they encounter them. Expect none of the easy ways of
putting up houses in U.S......expect more bricks/mortar than wood
and drywall.
Team Leader: need 1 ASAP
Contact: Chris Walker (


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