Confident Faith - March 2018


Has Yesterday's GOD Grown Bigger Today?

My goal when I teach or speak is for people to see GOD as bigger - more wonderful, more beautiful, more trustworthy, more glorious. Living in the reality of an ever greater GOD is an essential element of building a confident faith.

One habit for making GOD bigger each day, is to live with anticipation and expectancy of fellowship. We follow a GOD who wants to be found and honors the sincere seeker.

Daily Bible STUDY (not just skimming the Word) is a common element. The Bible is where GOD speaks to us. GOD will not speak from any other source in contradiction to that written in the Bible when properly translated and understood.

Regular commitment to a local body of Christ (church) is essential, not optional. We grow in our vision of GOD through interaction with one another. This is a real GOD working out in real lives.

Beauty is another common revelation. Who is not enthralled at a beautiful sunset? Do you not feel the awe of the masterfully painted scene calling you to Him? There's the beauty and power of music. How wonderful that the mathmatical precision of music perceived by ears stirs wonder in hearts - think "Hallelujah Chorus." Even scientists look with suspicion on mathmatical equations solving great mysteries if they are not "beautiful."

Stories of heroic sacrifice move me. The story of the Parkland High School coach who took many bullets protecting his students is an example of supererogatory (look it up) love that evolution cannot explain. There are the stories of missionaries who leave home, parents, children, and everything familiar to bring the Gospel to foreign - and often hostile - lands. Many have died after long or short sojurns planting seeds with little visible return only for us to see great later harvests from their faithfulness. What a cloud of witnesses!

Perhaps our least favorite way of seeing a greater GOD is when we actually comprehend our sins as darker, deeper, and more devilish than we ever imagined. Did you not feel this in Brother Gevan's comments about the cup Jesus asked not to drink from - the cup of MY sins? As John Newton said, "But I remember two things: that I am a great sinner, and that Christ is a great Saviour." I think the sense of Newton is that Christ, in saving us, is an even greater Savior than we could ever imagine -- and that He should grow greater and greater every day in reaching to my deeper and deeper chasm of sin. Some might see this as ugly, but I see it as the most beautiful, undeserved love.

We all try to fit GOD into our box. Fortunately for us, GOD is in the box busting business. He cares enough about us that He will not stay in such small confines. If we are open and actively seeking, He is ever revealing a bigger GOD for our confidence in Him to grow.

Harold Henderson

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