Confident Faith - July 2018


Jesus was the #1 practioner of Apologetics in the Bible. That may come as a surprise to some. This article and following articles will show some of the ways Jesus and his followers used Apologetics and Apologetic techniques.

One of Jesus favorite Apologetic techniques was to ask questions. He asked 284 questions during evangelistic conversations in the Gospels! He knew the power of asking question to understand and clarify issues and to discern the heart of those he was speaking to. Making conclusions in question form is more persuasive than making statements. Asking questions also helps keep you in control of the conversation by keeping the other person on the "hot seat." See the book, "Tactics", by Greg Koukl, in the church library.

Jesus told people to believe he was the eternal Son of God on the evidence (signs/miracles) even if they did not believe his words. See John 10:37-38, John 10:25. There are two "revelations" - General and Special. General revelation is nature and the created order that points us to God such that none has an excuse from condemnation (Rom 1:18-20). Special revelation refers to God's Word, the Bible, the revelation of Jesus. Both revelations are evidential. The Bible's authenticity is supported by overwhelming evidence. See "God's Crime Scene" and "Cold-Case Christianity" by J. Warner Wallace in the church library.

Jesus engaged skeptics with reason and logic. He made the case for who he was and fully expected those who heard him to think and respond appropriately. Jesus did not expect faith in the absence of reasons to believe. The best definition of true Biblical faith I've seen is "active trust in what we have sufficient reason/evidence to believe is true". It's from a feeble first step of faith in Jesus that the Holy Spirit ignites a blaze of regeneration. Faith is not less than reason/evidence and truth though the forms and source of reason/evidence should change from child to Christian maturity.

If Apologetics and Apologetic techniques were the tools used by Jesus and his followers, maybe they should be added to your evangelistic kit, too. There are many Apologetic resources in the church library to help you develop a more Confident Faith.


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