Confident Faith - December 2018


God and I have this thing at Christmas. He almost always surprises me with a gift. He knows how much I love music - especially Christmas music - so little wonder most of those gifts have been centered around a song.

All the more remarkable that this year [2015] I didn't even think to start listening to Christmas music on the radio until sometime around the 8th of December. There have been a lot of distractions late this year.

Driving to work this past Friday, as I turned onto Industrial Drive, a beautiful soaring duet came on the radio - a soft piano opening, the female lead's pure solo, the confident male accompaniment delicately blending and balanced so perfectly. Gave me chills. Sometimes in beautiful music you can hear Heavenly reverb. That's what I heard.

The song was the first in a set, followed by 2 others. I waited for the radio announcer to name the song and the artists, and ... guess what? He mentioned the last song, but not the others. This has happened before, and like the other times, I was not a happy camper.

So here I was given a wonderful and beautiful blessing, and I'm upset because I can't listen again and share the song with my family.

Sunday morning I'm at my computer trying to find my way to the name of the song and the artists. I found many beautiful Christmas songs ... but not that one. Later as I started the car for the drive to church, there was a Christmas song playing on the radio. Then, as I neared Highway 167, the next one began - a soft piano opening, a soaring female voice ...

This time the announcer named the artists, and with a few words of the song, I was able to look it up! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Yes, God gave me a gift, and, as most of us with longer associations with Him know, the gift is almost always Himself - whether wrapped in a song, a deeper glimpse into His Word, or a fresh peek at a baby in a manger on a cold night.

These touches from God strengthen our firm foundation and lead to a more Confident Faith. 

Merry Christmas! 


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