Children's Ministry - December 2015

Blessings come in all ages! As I am sitting drinking coffee having my devotional time reading and studying the bible Saturday morning, I see my son Justin waking up, he comes in the kitchen puts his arm around my shoulder and hugs me with a huge bear hug, then he sits down in my lap. I bet your thinking how sweet! What really is awesome is he is 20 years old and he is a Marine, he surprised us last week with a 24 day visit home! As we sit there he tells me how thankful and appreciative he is to be able to be home for a few weeks, how he has really missed the family and just being home! He knows the prayers that have covered him the months he has been gone of hoping he could be with us through the holidays! I pray for every family to have the love to share with a stranger or a family member through the holidays! I know the heartache of losing a parent and not being able to see a child during the holidays! I hope that each of you share your homes and your love with others through the year. Memories with your family is a gift God gives us, so cherish those memories! Reach out to your church family and love on them, fellowship together!

As we all get excited for Christmas and the weather gets colder, let’s not forget to share the most important story of all, Jesus' Birth! The hearts of our children are precious so spend time cuddling with your children or grandchildren and reading to them from the Bible, no matter their age they get it!

We have got exciting news for our Preschool and Children Departments we are going to "Deck the Hall" for December!!

Also there is news of Ruston having Ice skating from Dec. 3rd-Dec. 14th. More information to come!

If you have any questions please call or email!

Upcoming Events

December 2nd Children's Ministry Team Meeting 7:15pm
December 4th Cook Kids Club 6:00pm-9:30pm (making gifts for parents)
December 10th Ruston Christmas Parade
December 20th Christmas "Deck The Hall" 9:00am
December 24th Candlelight Service 5pm-6pm
December 25th Merry Christmas

Thank you,

Rebecca Welch

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