Children's Ministry - May 2016

As the Spring season has kicked off and the pollen has put a yellow blanket on every thing in sight outside, I am amazed at how living things need that pollination!

Some of us have allergies and some of us it does not bother too much! Jesus Christ is the same. He is the pollination we need to bear fruit and to live life to its fullest year after year! When we are saved, we take the old off and put the new on and each time we study the Word of God. He gives us new meaning and new understanding of the way we should live our lives and the purpose we have! God is great and He is our strength and what we need from season to season! God has great and amazing fruit to bear through each of us and we are not going to all bear the same fruits! We are all different and we all have gifts that He gave us to share with others and to help and serve others! As the Spring season kicks off, what opportunities has God showed you he wants you to take to show love and support to others? Some of these opportunities could be. Praying for others that are in the body of Christ, the lost, encouraging committees that are praying and seeking God's guidance, taking meals to the sick, teaching or helping in Connect Groups, Sunday evening, or Wednesday evening. There are lots and lots of opportunities God can give us share to His love and support for one another.

God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be just like Jesus. (Max Lucado)

Jumping the Hurdles at TeamKID, 1st -6th grade. This month we will be learning how to Be Dependable, Accepting Jesus as Savior, Going to Church, Following God's Leadership!

Follow the Leader 2's-Kindergarten will be learning that God wants me to: Pray and Not Worry, Put Others First, Help Care for Others in need. He teaches me in the Bible what He wants me to do!

What's coming up:

May 4th Cook's Kidz Ministry Team Meeting
May 6th Cook Kidz Club
May 25th End of School Year Party
May 29th Baby Dedication

SUBMERGED VBS coming June 27th- July 1st 2016!

Vacation Bible School workdays coming this month!

Please sign up to serve the kids at Cook and in our community during the week of VBS and for follow-ups! Signup at the Welcome Center! Thank You!

For more info go to and Cook's Kidz Ministry on facebook!

Love to you all,
Rebecca Welch

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