Children's Ministry - October 2017

As Fall approaches, things start to change color. Our Children’s Ministry Team will be cleaning out things and putting a fresh color on classrooms. We are looking at ways to improve and make things better. We have prayed over this for a while now, and God has got great plans for Cook. We would like to thank everyone who helps in any way with this ministry. You do not know how many young lives you touch and how that impact will be the rest of their life.

We always have opportunities for you to serve in Cook Kidz Ministry. We have a really exciting mission coming up on Tues. Oct. 31st called “Operation Night Light.” We will be asking for you to fill the black can by the Welcome Center with whatever treat you would like to donate. This will touch our community in a big way. We have around 5000 people, mostly young families come by our church every year; they park on Cook property and walk the neighborhood. What better way to give back to Jesus then to stand in front of our church with a bag full of goodies and a smile welcoming them. If you would like to help serve at Operation Night Light, see Todd or Rebecca.

Coming Up in Cook Kidz Ministry:
Sept 24th - Oct 25th Drop off treats at the Welcome Center
October 6th - Cook Kidz Club
October 25th -Fill the bags for Operation Night Light
October 31st -“Operation Night Light”
November 10th -Cook Kidz Club

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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