Children's Ministry - November 2018


The month of November, is the month when most want to be thankful for things or people. I remember as I was growing up and I always had something to be thankful for, I know that is why I feel such appreciation for others around me and I pray and thank Him for them. We did not have a lot growing up, and there were struggles we faced daily. I always had someone to be thankful, grateful, and blessed around me, and I never failed to let them know. My testimony reveals the thankfulness I continue to have. If it was not for Him, where would I be. Do we show and tell people we are thankful for Him and what He does in our life like we could or should? In a world that is teaching to be self-absorbed, are we thinking about what He did for me or look at what He continues to do? We should all be so thankful and grateful to share our testimony how He saved us and tell how Christ died and rose again for us. He lives everyday for you and me, He is someone to be thankful and grateful for and we all should be teaching our children the same. Be thankful, grateful and blessed to have Jesus in your heart and friends and family to appreciate. Share your story of God's unfailing love and how He gave His Son for everyone. I have so many that bless me through Him each week with cards, texts, phone calls and hugs of thankfulness, gratefulness and blessings. God knows who we need in our lives. Each of you that have touched our family with the love and care of Jesus and helped in Cook Kidz Ministry in anyway will never be unnoticed. You are being prayed for and appreciated more than you will ever know. Be sure you are praying for and encouraging your family, friends, and neighbors and showing them thankfulness, gratefulness, and blessings. You may be the only way Jesus is revealed to them through your life. May God bless each of you!

We have several opportunities for you to serve in Cook Kidz Ministry. If you feel God wants you to serve in kids ministry, please contact me and we can discuss where God will have you serve.

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Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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