Children's Ministry - December 2018


Remember the reason for CHRISTmas! I write this while on mission in New Mexico. As I look at the stars in the sky out in the open desert, I think of how Mary and Joseph may have felt that night traveling from inn to inn with no place for Mary to give birth. Giving birth in the stable must have been kinda scary. But what a life changing experience for everyone that accepts the Son as our Lord and Savior. What an amazing testimony that shows—no matter what—God is always in control and cares for each one of us. What others think of us should not matter, and we should not be trying to please others. As long as we are letting God work through us for His glory and honor, He will take care of us. We should want to stand out for Him.

It is so dark when there is no light. Each star shines like a bright light, some bigger than others. It amazes me how God placed each one in its place! As I have looked at the white snow, it looks as if it is a spotlight, a white blanket, and each little flake shines so bright. It literally looks like glitter all over the whole valley and mountain! I can only think of how God has washed me of all my sins. I am wonderfully made and as white as each snowflake that falls. I am so thankful and blessed to be called His child. I am the daughter of the one true King.

May His light of His love guide, protect, and fill your life this Christmas. Check out Cook Kidz Ministry on Facebook or!

Merry Christmas!
Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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