Children's Ministry - October 2018

Twelve years ago in October, my life as I knew it changed drastically. I was so used to talking to my momma every day or she was at our house 2-3 days a week keeping Jayson and spending time with us. She was a safety I had all my childhood, teen, and very few adult years. Then, that day came when Jay told me she was gone in a car accident. I cannot tell you much about the next few days as I mourned and was
carrying Mason to deliver him 3 weeks later. To say it has ever gotten better since, I cannot say that. But I will tell you this as I have said time and time again, we should not live as if there is a tomorrow. I prayed for strength, love, and help in my mourning process. He gave me that and so much more in Jay and the boys which were there every day in the good, bad, and ugly. Also, our extended family, church family, and friends were there with hugs, smiles, cards, phone messages, visits, and dishes you prepared. These gestures of strength, faith, and help came through you. You will never know how much Jesus worked in my life through each of you.

As the holidays come up, show and tell your family, friends, and neighbors how important they are, and that Jesus lives in and through you. We must learn to live as if there is no tomorrow. Over the years, Jay and I have told lots of people how you see kids at church or somewhere if you are in town and they never fail to give you a big hug, smile, high five, or a handshake. They will never know what an impact they have on our heart. These kids love unconditionally like there is no tomorrow. They do not do it thinking they will get something in return. Their love is like God formed each of our hearts to love. Think and pray about all of the joy and love through Christ you can give or show someone
today. We are not here to pick and choose who gets our time, attention, and love. We are here to share the joy and love God has given to us, to everyone.

Thank you for the love, encouragement and support you have shown my family and me through the years, and your support of Cook Kidz Ministry.

If you would like to talk or know about Cook Kidz Ministry. I am here and available. We do have opportunities for you to serve and receive lots of hugs, smiles, high fives, and handshakes.

Operation Night Light is coming up on Oct. 31st. We are taking donations of any treat you would like to donate, and you can put them in the black can at the Welcome Center. We have ordered several items to share the gospel with our neighbors that night if you would like to donate to these items.

Updates for Cook Kidz Ministry events are on Facebook or at

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - September 2018

As Fall comes closer this means cooler weather. I hear people talking about leaves changing, crackling fires, and warm sweaters. The seasons bring about change, some of which are good and some not so good. Our lives are like the seasons. We have good changes or not so good changes. Our lives change by choices we make. God gives us choices in every season of our life. Prayer and faith are important in the changes and choices we make. If we choose to do things the same way and never make changes, we will not grow and strengthen. No season of life will ever be the same, there will always be changes. With God as our choice in all things, He will see us through the seasons of life. As the leaves change color, wither and fall, remember our lives are a lot like that, but God always makes things new and beautiful in another season.

In just the 8+ years I have been in children's ministry at Cook, there have been changes and seasons of growth and strength. Our Cook Kidz Ministry is amazing. I thank God for each and everyone that encourages, loves, volunteers, supports, and prays for our
children's ministry. You each mean so much to this ministry. You all are a vital part of God's life changing work in the lives of our children. We are continuing to grow and see new families weekly. God has got great plans.

If you would, pray about where God can use you and your gifts to be the change, where kids can see Him through your loving, patient, and spiritual teaching. We have opportunities for you to serve in morning and evening Extended Session, Connect Groups, Awana, Children's Church, Bible Drill, and other ministries. If you feel God would have you help, contact me by email, or by calling the office.

5th- Awana
26th- See you at the pole!

1st-Operation Night Light donations being accepted
3rd- Awana Western Night (food roundup)
17th- Pastor & Popcorn Night
31st- Operation Night Light (Bring goodies to pass out to our neighbors, a smile, and lawn chairs to sit in)

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - July 2018

God is good all the time and all the time God is good! That is so true! In good times, and tough times He is good, He never leaves us or forsakes us.

As the summer is in full swing, and we are all over the place, be sure that you share your story of Jesus' unfailing love with your family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Everyone should know how awesome and loving He is and how He has worked in the life of you and your family.

We are praying, preparing, and getting ready for VBS at Cook. We have passed out invitations to daycares, at the Peach Festival and to our friends and neighbors. God is doing great things in and through His church.

There are opportunities for you to serve in kidz ministry. If you are a parent, grandparent, or you just love teaching kids about Jesus love. I would
love to talk with you about where you can use your gifts for God's glory.

We have an extended session ministry where all parents of bedbabies-6th grade are asked to serve one Sunday morning or evening a month to help in this ministry. If you have not recieved our Children's Ministry handbook, we have them available for you. It explains our security, and other information about our ministry.

For more info on our Cook Kidz Ministry visit or Cook Kidz Ministry on facebook.

Coming Up:
July 4th and 11th No Wednesday services
July 9th-13th VBS- “Shipwrecked- Rescued by Jesus”
July 30th-Aug 3rd CentriKid Camp

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - June 2018

It is here, Summer time! Which means VBS will be fast approaching, this year our VBS will be July 9th-13th. Sign up to help with this exciting and fun ministry at the Welcome Center. We have places for you to serve, so have your hearts and hands ready to go on board our Shipwrecked Island VBS. We will also be having work days to prepare and decorate for VBS weeks before. These will be posted on your weekly announcements, bulletin and Cook Kidz Facebook page.

We have several opportunities for you to be a part of exciting things ahead in Cook Kidz Ministry. If you feel God wants you helping in this ministry, if you love children and teaching them about God's unfailing love and want to help, come talk with me.

Thank you that help Sunday, Wednesday, and any other time with Cook Kidz Ministry. You are each a vital part of what God is doing in the lives of our children.

17th Father's Day Breakfast in the Courtyard
24th CentriKid Camp Dessert Auction pm service
VBS workdays start after New Mexico Mission trip.

9th-13th VBS-Shipwrecked
30th-Aug 3rd CentriKid Camp

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - May 2018

As school comes to an end and summer break starts, so does the busyness of life. (Not that we are not already!) Pray for your children, spouse, and family. God is always so faithful and loving, He wants time with you and your family every day and in every season of life. Busyness can cause harm and keep us and our family away from what God has for us. We need time
with Him our families, friends and neighbors. Exciting things are happening in Cook Kidz Ministry. I can not pray for and thank those that helped clean out and for the vision and love they have for our children and families is very evident. Continue to pray for them and pray for the lives God will touch in and through the ministry. You will continue to hear of all the exciting ministry opportunities God is giving us at Cook. I ask you to pray for what God is doing and the people He is using to reach our community.

4th Cook Kidz Club
5th M-Jam
27th Children's Musical

1st-9th New Mexico-VBS/Revival

9th-13th VBS-Cook

Thank you and Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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