Children's Ministry - August 2017

Well, the summer is coming to an end. Back to school for our children. Pray for the children, their teachers, and other faculty and staff.

We will continue our Wednesday evening TeamKid. It has been a blessing to hear the prayers and thoughts the children have on Wednesday evenings. We will continue to have fun learning God's word and praying for one another. I hope you get plugged in and learn ways to encourage and minister to your community and neighbors.

We will start back in September with Cook Kidz Club. If you would like to get involved with Preschool or Children's Ministry we have opportunities for you to serve. It is a blessing to serve the precious families in our community. To keep up with what is going on in Cook Kidz Ministry, join our Facebook page or visit

We are so blessed to have our new pastor Jeff and Susan Smart be a part of our family at Cook. God has blessed us with them. Excited to see what God has planned for His church.

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - July 2017

VBS is coming to an end and it has been awesome! With me not here the first 3 days for VBS, I have prayed for each of you, the children and all of you have been on my heart and mind. I have had so many texts, calls, messages, cards, meals, and the list goes on and on of love shown to our family. I love and appreciate all of you so much, while I was away with my Dad’s funeral, I knew you all would be just great. I thank God for each and every one of you and how much it means to our family that we have our family at Cook. You all lifted us in a time that we needed love and understanding, just like you do every time anyone is going through a hurt. You all are the hands and feet of Jesus and we are so thankful for every one of you. I will never be able to thank each of you enough. We love you.

We have lots coming up in July!

We have open gym days and other ministry opportunities this month.

Check out our Facebook page, Cook Kidz and Cook Baptist Church website for more info.

CentriKid Camp-July 31 –Aug 4 Finished 3rd grade-6th grade

Be sure you and your child have a parent packet.

Thank you and love you all,
Rebecca Welch and family

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Children's Ministry - June 2017

Summertime is here. Which means Vacation Bible School is right around the corner. We will have opportunities to serve in 3 different VBS's this year. What an awesome opportunity for us to invite our neighbors to join us this year. These are opportunities God has given us to love on others in our communities.We will be sharing Jesus’ word and love through VBS in New Mexico June 2nd-10th, Ruston June 26th-30th, and New Orleans July 9th-14th. Invite your neighbors to Maker Fun Factory VBS where we will learn we are created and built for a purpose. We will have lots of fun learning that God made you, God is for you, God is always with you, God will always love you, God made you for a reason. I ask that you start praying, and inviting all the children in your neighborhood. It is for completed kindergarten-6th graders.

We will continue through the summer to have TeamKid on Wednesday nights from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Come join us and bring a friend.

Check out Cook Kidz Facebook page or for more info.

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - May 2017

As the school year comes to an end, our lives get even busier. We try to keep our families busy, and cram in so much during the summer. This thing we call busyness, can get in the way of what God has for us and our family.

Every year at CentriKid Camp, the kids and adults focus every morning on quiet time with God. It is just us, our Bibles and God, nothing else distracting or getting in the way of us and God. I try to do this every morning.  He deserves so much more. But, some mornings I fail Him and on those days, I struggle. He makes things easier to face and overcome when we start our days with Him. Not only should we start our days with Him, we should finish our days thanking Him. He gives us our life, and only wants closeness in prayer, love, relationship, and us telling others about Him. His unfailing love, which he gives no matter how often we fail Him, should be shared. If you are missing the personal relationship with Him, talk to Him and get to know Him. It will be the best decision you ever make in your life!

This year, VBS is June 26th-30th. VBS Family Night is July 2nd, from 5:00-7:30 pm. If you would like to help with VBS, please signup at the Welcome Center.

Cook Kidz Calendar
       5th- Cook Kidz Club
       6th- M-Jam
      10th- Children's Ministry Team Meeting
      14th- Happy Mother's Day
      16th-18th VBS workdays
      21st- Children's Choir starts back
      22nd-23rd VBS workdays
      24th- Children's End of School Party
      25th-26th VBS workdays
      30th-31st VBS workdays
      31st- Preteen Invasion Sign-up $30
      2nd-10th New Mexico Mission Trip- VBS
      12th-16th VBS workdays
      19th-23rd VBS workdays
      24th- Peach Festival Parade VBS handout

Sign-up online and to find more information check out our facebook page or Cook Baptist Church website.

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch 

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Children's Ministry - April 2017

Spring is here, which means new beginnings and new life. The most important is new life and new beginnings​ with Jesus Christ. No matter how we look on the outside, it is our inner joy, peace, hope, and love that God has given us through our new life with Him that matters most.

Last month, as we were preparing for our CentriKid Camp Fundraiser, God gave us a blessing that we still are in awe over. It started out with1st-6th grade helping price and straighten things up for the sale that would be Saturday morning. The kids were all scattered and busy and I had adults helping keep an eye on them. One mom was rearranging suitcases and found one that we had stored for a while. It was smashed in on one side and the lock was jammed. Several people had tried to get me to throw it away, but I just saw potential that it could be used for a photo prop or another need. It was tucked away behind the others, but she insisted we open it. She pulled it out and brought it over to where I was standing. It had a $2 tag on it. It was not very useful looking on the outside but what was on the inside would make all the difference. I said “there is a pile of keys on the table over there.” She went and grabbed a key out of the 25-30 old keys. She stuck it in the jammed lock and it came open. There was a Bible, clothes, and shoes in it. I picked up the Bible and started flipping pages There were envelopes in the Bible. I picked one up and by this time, the mom had found one in the back of the suitcase. We lifted them to the light and could see it was money. We both found several envelopes. The kids were even handing us more envelopes as they came to see what all the excitement was about. There was nothing to identify where this had come from, except Jesus Christ blessed us with enough money to allow 25 children to go to camp. The kids or adults will never forget the blessing God gave us on that Friday night as we worked. So, do not ever forget to look on the inside, just because the outside is flawed does not mean that God has not made a new beginning on the inside. Jesus is alive and you can find that inner joy, hope, love, and peace through Him.

Cook Kidz Ministry Calendar
April 9 -$30 due for M-Jam
April 16 -Sunrise Service 7:15 Railroad Park
April 22 -Mother/Son Scavenger Hunt 4pm
April 30 -Baby Dedication
May 5- Cook Kidz Club
May 6- M-Jam leave at 7:30am
May 14- Mother's Day
June 2-10 Mexico Mission Trip
June 26-30 VBS

Sign up online @ for upcoming events and check out our Facebook page.

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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