Children's Ministry - December 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS! My favorite time of the year has finally arrived. You could say I have lots of favorites, but this is my most favorite. Happy Birthday Jesus!

The reason I love Christmas so much is because the meaning of real and true love was born on Christmas for me and for you. Every time I read or hear the Christmas story, it feels my heart with such joy and love. The reason we celebrate Christmas should be remembered by us all year long. He is the happiness in the children on Christmas morning. He is the love we share with our families around the Christmas season, those near and far. He is our Messiah, and he lives in all the miracles we see and hear every day. This time of year, we get so busy and we want everything to be perfect, but the most perfect gift you can give anyone is Jesus Christ.

Coming up this month
Dec 2 Cook Kidz Club 6-9
Dec 7 Cook Kidz Ministry Team Meeting
Dec 9 Christmas Music Lincoln Parish Library
Dec 18 Children's Musical 6:00pm (Bring your family and friends)
Dec 21 Prayer Meeting only
Dec 24 Candlelight Service
Dec 25 Come as you are service 10:15 am

Dec 4-18 Life Choices Tree will be by the Welcome Center this month. Please pick an ornament and bring a gift for a special baby. This is a special way to teach your family about Life Choices.

Love you all, hope you have a very Merry CHRISTMAS.
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - November 2016

Fall is here and winter is fast approaching. I think of all the many things I am so thankful for, and want to encourage children to be thankful for. So, the next two months in Cook Kidz Ministry we will talk about things we are thankful for and discover things that we may not have thought of as something to be thankful for. Being able to attend the ETCH conference last month was amazing. God moved in many ways. There are lots of opportunities to serve and love on other people in our church and community, through ideas we shared in our sessions and lots of ways our culture is changing. Kids need someone to encourage and pray for and with them. I am so thankful I was picked by God to do His works. Each one of us has a specific ministry He has given us. As the year gets closer to the another end, and the weather gets colder, think of ways to share Jesus' love with others in your home and community. Take your family outside and read the Bible to them, cuddling with them under cozy blankets or invite your neighbors over and have a small campfire and have a devotional time. Sharing His love with others to give them the hope and faith we have is your way of serving. I am excited for what plans God has for each of us in our daily walk with Him.

Don't forget each Wednesday 6:00pm-7:30pm we have TeamKID, Bible Drill and Missions.
Sunday Morning Connect Groups start at 9:00am
Sunday Evening Children's Choir starts at 4:30pm
Sunday Evening worship starts at 6:00pm

November 4th Cook Kidz Club 6pm-9pm
November 13th Community Service FBC-Ruston
November 20th Cook Baptist Thanksgiving meal
November 23rd No evening services (spend time with your family)
November 24th Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that you will come be a part of Cook Kidz Ministry. For more info, go to or Cook Kidz facebook page.

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - October 2016

Look what is coming this Fall!

October is here, time for cooler weather. You, your family, and friends are invited to come to the Fall Family Fellowship at the Farm October 15th from 4:30pm-7:00pm. We will have a signup online at We will have games, prizes, smores, hotdogs and lots of FUN. Last year was our first time at the farm and we had a great time.

As the season gets cooler, I think of how Jesus wants us to stay warm with His love and share His love with others. So this season, think of ways to share Jesus with your friends and family around you. Cook Kidz will be sharing love with others the next few months by making and sending cards out. They will be busy at Cook Kidz club each month making crafts and learning ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus through scripture and prayer. Check out upcoming Cook Kidz Ministry opportunities to get your children involved in. Go to We would love to have your family join us.

TeamKID is on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30 pm. We have Bible drill, missions and TeamKID during this time. Sundays, we have Preschool and Children's Choir from 4:30 pm-5:45 pm.

October 2nd Lift Groups

October 3rd-5th ETCH Family Ministry Conference

October 7th Cook Kidz Club 6-9pm

October. 15th Fall Family Fellowship at the Farm 4:30 pm-7:00 pm

November 4th Cook Kidz Club 6-9pm

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - September 2016

September is here! Time for Cook Kidz Club to start back up. Remember to go on-line each month to sign-up and get other details about what is going on with Cook Kidz Ministry. We will be having fundraisers starting in November to help kids go to summer camps. CentriKid was awesome. We had lots of first time campers, they had a blast and came home with closer relationships with Jesus and one another. Jesus is awesome and continues to move in the lives of children and adults after VBS and camp. If you have a 3rd-6th grader, this is their year to go to CentrKid Camp, 2017. We have had a great time in TeamKID this summer and we will continue to Jump the Hurdles and Follow the Leader each week on Wednesday. The older children 1st-3rd will have missions and 4th-6th will have Bible Drill. Starting on Sunday evenings, Sept.11th, we will have Preschool and Children's Choir from 4:30pm-5:45pm. We ask that children are here as much as possible on Sunday evenings as they will be preparing for musicals throughout the next year. Keep up with updates on Facebook. Cook Kidz Ministry or

August 17th-November 30th - School Supply Drive

September 9th Cook Kidz Club
October 7th Cook Kidz Club
November 4th Cook Kidz Club
December 9th Cook Kidz Club

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch
Interim Children's Director

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Children's Ministry - August 2016

Wow, what an exciting month July was! We had a total of 143 kids that came to VBS. We had several decisions made to follow Christ, and we were able to see several of them baptized at Cook and at their home church! Their lives will never be the same. We had an awesome time during VBS Family Night. Lots of families fellowshipped with one another and were very appreciative of everything we did for their children and their family showing your love of Jesus to the families in our community!

We also had 24 go to Centri-Kid Camp this month! It is exciting to see what God is doing in the ministries at Cook. You are the hands and feet of Jesus, Cook family!

We have Preteen Invasion for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders coming up on August 20th!

We will also be taking up school supplies for the months of August, September, October, and November and will distribute these to the schools in December! If you are shopping, grab extra supplies for our kids in our community!

Love you all, Rebecca
Check us out on or Facebook!

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