Children's Ministry - July 2016

June floated by quickly this year! Those that have worked hours after hours, days after days preparing and living out your love for Jesus at VBS this year, THANK YOU! You are amazing and God will continue to bless you as you give your talents and love for others. You are amazing and God truly blessed us with each of you and your special talents at Cook Baptist Church!

For those of you who prayed for us and the families joining us for VBS, THANK YOU! We were able to invite families at the Peach Festival by giving them the invitation for VBS and a cold bottle of water, THANK YOU! We always have lots of fun being able to give a smile, VBS invitation, and a bottle of water to families on a hot day at the Peach Festival! God is great!

We will continue to plant seeds from the opportunity God has given us as we follow up with families in our community and plan more fellowships through the year!

Don't forget, Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm-7:30pm we have Team Kid! We are learning so much!

We are also getting pumped about CentriKid Camp. It is going to be a blessing. We go July 8th-July 22nd for grades 3rd-6th!

Preteen Invasion is coming up on Aug 20th!

Check out Cook Kidz on Facebook or for more info!

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - June 2016

School is out! Summer time is here! Yay! Time to get busy finding things to keep the kids busy this summer! Go ahead and put TEAMKID every Wednesday night on your calendar from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm! We have learned a lot about Jumping Hurdles through life with Jesus but we still have more to learn! We have had so much fun learning how in life we will have struggles and things that come up we may not like, but God will lead us through as we jump the hurdle! The kids have been carrying out what they are learning to their families and friends in our community!

Also VBS is coming June 27th-July 1st with Family Night on July 3rd! Sign up your kids today for VBS online at or come by the Welcome Center for a registration card! We will be inviting our friends in our community to join us for VBS. If you have lots of friends, invite them all! We will also be adding activities through the summer. We have a facebook page, Cook Kidz Ministry, or go to to keep up with things we will be doing! Tuesday and Thursday are free movie days at Celebrity! We will have some open gym days! Lots of exciting things happening with Cook KIDZ! If you ever have any questions, contact me at or call the church office at 255-1318!

Bubbling up!
VBS opportunities to serve
June 2nd 9:00-12:00
June 6th,7th,14th,16th 10:00am-2:00pm
June 20th-24th (decorate) 8am-5pm
June 25th (hand out invites at Peach Festival)
June 27th-July 1st VBS is here! See you from 9:00am-12:00 each day!
July 3rd VBS Family Night

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - May 2016

As the Spring season has kicked off and the pollen has put a yellow blanket on every thing in sight outside, I am amazed at how living things need that pollination!

Some of us have allergies and some of us it does not bother too much! Jesus Christ is the same. He is the pollination we need to bear fruit and to live life to its fullest year after year! When we are saved, we take the old off and put the new on and each time we study the Word of God. He gives us new meaning and new understanding of the way we should live our lives and the purpose we have! God is great and He is our strength and what we need from season to season! God has great and amazing fruit to bear through each of us and we are not going to all bear the same fruits! We are all different and we all have gifts that He gave us to share with others and to help and serve others! As the Spring season kicks off, what opportunities has God showed you he wants you to take to show love and support to others? Some of these opportunities could be. Praying for others that are in the body of Christ, the lost, encouraging committees that are praying and seeking God's guidance, taking meals to the sick, teaching or helping in Connect Groups, Sunday evening, or Wednesday evening. There are lots and lots of opportunities God can give us share to His love and support for one another.

God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be just like Jesus. (Max Lucado)

Jumping the Hurdles at TeamKID, 1st -6th grade. This month we will be learning how to Be Dependable, Accepting Jesus as Savior, Going to Church, Following God's Leadership!

Follow the Leader 2's-Kindergarten will be learning that God wants me to: Pray and Not Worry, Put Others First, Help Care for Others in need. He teaches me in the Bible what He wants me to do!

What's coming up:

May 4th Cook's Kidz Ministry Team Meeting
May 6th Cook Kidz Club
May 25th End of School Year Party
May 29th Baby Dedication

SUBMERGED VBS coming June 27th- July 1st 2016!

Vacation Bible School workdays coming this month!

Please sign up to serve the kids at Cook and in our community during the week of VBS and for follow-ups! Signup at the Welcome Center! Thank You!

For more info go to and Cook's Kidz Ministry on facebook!

Love to you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - April 2016

Spring has sprung! All the flowers have bloomed, the grass is beautiful and green, birds and baby animals are born. We have celebrated the risen Son and we need Him daily. He is alive and life with Him is amazing! As I look at all the beautiful flowers, baby animals, and birds that are new, I think how great He is! Sometimes, it takes my breath away at how He can take any season and make something beautiful come out of it! Just like life, He can take anyone's season of life and make it beautiful! Our God reigns forever and ever!

With all the rain last month, it took a lot of material things from lots of people in our communities, but life with Jesus is eternal! Things can be replaced but our life He gave us cannot. Always trust in Jesus Christ. If you do not have this peace of eternal life, you are missing out on the greatest blessing you can receive!

This month at TeamKID, 2 year olds-Kindergarten are learning God wants me to... learn, God teaches me in the Bible... He always keeps His promises,

God will help me... if I move, and God wants me to... take care of where I live.

1st-6th grade are jumping the hurdles, studying the Bible, serving others, loving others, and being a good friend!

TeamKID is a exciting time, Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:30pm where we learn what God wants us to know from His word. We learn about missionaries, how to work together as a family, and how to continually grow in the relationship we have with Jesus Christ!


5th - VBS Clinic New Hope Baptist Church 6:00pm-8:30pm (If you are planning on teaching or helping in any area, please try to attend this)
6th - Cook Kidz Ministry Team meeting 7:30pm
8th - Cook Kidz Club- 6:00-9:30pm. Sign up online
9th - Children's Garage Sale fundraiser for CentriKid Camp 7:30am-2:00pm
10th - Lift Groups
23rd -Women's R&R at Cook
30th - M-Jam

Save the date - VBS Submerged June 27th-July 1st!

Find lots of exciting Cook Kidz info at or Cook Kidz facebook page!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Love you all,
Rebecca Welch

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Children's Ministry - March 2016

Happy Easter! He is alive! Welcome to the month of new beginnings. Jesus lives and gives new life everyday!

I love this time of year, after winter's cold coat comes off and living things starts to grow and put on new life. This is my favorite season. It is not too cold and not too hot, which is the way some of us want to live our lives. We want everything to be just right!

Without new life through Christ, we are always finding something wrong, things are not good enough, and we complain to everyone, instead of praying to the only one that can and will help. Our Father in heaven is the Way, the Truth and the Light! We all need to take our troubles and triumphs to Him and pray for one another! Start this month with a fresh new look on life!

This past month, we made love baskets and gave them to our older members in our church that do not get out of their home or nursing home very often. There were tears, joy, and laughter as they received these love baskets.

When we give love and concern to someone else, God will bless us tremendously!

Our kids will learn this month about new beginnings. Jesus is alive and wants to love and live in us so others can see Him through us!

In TeamKID on Wednesdays starting at 6:00 pm each week, we will be discussing telling others about Jesus, being happy when others succeed, learning to pray, and being a good friend. We have learned so much about God's life lessons and look forward to jumping the hurdles and following the leader each week together.

March 4th - 6:00-9:30pm Cook Kidz Club
March 5th - 8:00am-3:00pm VBS Retreat at Tall Timbers
March 12th-8:00am-4:00pm M-JAM@Cedar Crest Baptist Church in West Monroe
March 19th-GLOW in the Dark Easter Eggtravaganza at Elli's Pumpkin Patch

Find more info on Cook Kidz facebook page or!
Love you all,

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