Cook's Kids - June 2015

Look at what's coming!

June 1-5: Vacation Bible School
June 7: Family Night
June 9: Tuesday Tunes & Picnic on the Playground
June 11: Meet for a Movie (Rio 2)
June 16: Tuesday Tunes & Picnic on the Playground
June 18: Meet for a Movie (Lego Movie)
June 23: Tuesday Tunes & Picnic on the Playground
June 25: Meet for a Movie (Paddington Bear)
June 30: Tuesday Tunes & Picnic on the Playground

Tuesday Tunes is a continuation of musical practice for kids who have finished kindergarten through sixth grade preparing for our AUgust 9 performance of "Down by the Creek Bank." We will practice from 10:00-11:30 a.m. followed by a sack lunch on the playground and time to play. Please be sure and mark your child's lunch with their name or bring their siblings and join us for a fun time! Lemonade and water will be provided to drink each Tuesday. If you are available to help chaperone one or more Tuesdays during musical practice, your help would be very much appreciated. Please see Candi Martin to coordinate schedules.

On Thursdays, we will meet for a free movie at Celebrity Theatres. Popcorn and drink cost $4.

Family Night after VBS is our opportunity to invite the community in to see their kids sing and talk about what we've learned during VBS. After a short program, families will be invited to play games, take advantage of our playground, and get to know each other better. Please make plans to join us!

Wednesday nights we will continue our series on learning truths from God's Word through candy. This past Wednesday, we talked about how bubble gum is great and has lots of flavor, but for a very short time. Then your're ready to toss it out and move on to something else. In the same way, when we pursue things of this world to bring us happiness; we discover those things are fun for a season and then the need becomes evident again. Only God can bring us true joy, peace, and happiness. (Jayson blew the largest bubble out of our boys and Maggie won the girls' contest.) Bring those kids to learn truth by examining candy in relation to the Bible each Wednesday evening!

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Cook's Kids - May 2015

Here's what's happening in Kids' Ministry:


May 9, 6-8 p.m.: Bravehearted Boys will be here to teach all guys from age 4 through 6th grade how to be SUPERHEROES!!! So get online and purchase your tickets at It will be a night you won't want to miss. (And you might just find out YOU are your child's super hero!)

2015VBSLogo-sm June 1-5: Get ready to Journey Off the Map into places unknown to us, but known by God! VBS is coming and we need you to help us take kids on this incredible journey. Sign up for your preferred spot at the Welcome Center, or see Rebecca or Penny for more information. Registration is already live and online.
cooks kids clubCook's Kids Club will be May 8. You can spend an evening with your spouse and without your kids on the night before you learn how to be a super hero. Be sure to register by midnight on May 3 to reserve your child's spot.
Jason Ambrose will be available to take Mother's Day pictures in the prayer garden on May 10. Be sure and arrive early so he can capture your beautiful image before Connect Groups meet.
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Cook's Kids - April 2015


Interested in working in VBS?
VBS Training
April 7, 6:00-8:30
New Hope Baptist Church

VBS is June 1-5, 9 a.m. - noon

Thank you to all of you who attended our Kids/Youth ministry safety training! What a great group of people you are to spend that extra time with us. If you work with any child under the age of 18, this training is mandatory to serve in our church - this includes every Sunday School teacher, kids church teachers and assistants, DIGG leaders, Praise Kidz leaders, Cook’s Kids Club workers, camp chaperones for all ages, mission trip leaders, even our games time volunteers and bus drivers! If necessary, we will offer the class again on April 19 immediately following the morning service. Please contact the church office to let us know you will be attending. Thank you for serving the body of Christ and your willingness to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to do a great job!


Every parent wants their son to become a "super man" who acts with Godly character, so start him off with some real-life superhero training at Bravehearted Boys! By the end of this action-packed experience, your boy will be begging to do it again. Through fast-paced games, activities and movie clips, he'll learn:

  • He has "superpowers" from God!
  • How to tackle "villains" like temptation and peer pressure!
  • That God's Word is his superhero training manual!
  • Why mom and dad make awesome sidekicks!
  • It's more than a fun event. It's an unforgettable connecting experience you can't afford to miss!

May 9, 6-8 pm
Cost: $15 for father & son, $5 for each additional family member.
Sign up online now at

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Cook's Kids - February 2015


Cook's Kids started the year with our January Cook's Kids Club. Each child worked to memorize Jeremiah 33:3 and will be responsible to quote it in February. Each month, we will work on different scripture passages and every child who can quote all six in June will be awarded a special event to attend. Our next CKC is on February 13 and we will be focusing on showing love to others. Be sure an make your reservations before midnight, February 8.


Kids-church-156x133We will launch our new Kids' Church on February 8! Our kids will have an exciting time to dig deeper into the lesson of the week that was introduced in their Connect Group. Be sure and send your first through third graders to this time designed especially for them. If you enjoy working with kids, this is an opportunity for you. We still need four teams to work in Kids' Church so we can have an eight week rotation. See Sharee, Rebecca, or Penny if you are interested in helping.

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