Cook's Kids - October 2014

What an awesome time we had at Willie's Redneck Rodeo! Our kids learned about Redonkulous Faith, Radical Forgiveness, Ravenous Prayer, Real Obedience, and Rowdy Kindness. We learned to be "all in" when it comes to following God – following him with everything in our being. I've counted 54 volunteers who were responsible for helping us. Whether you worked one night or all five services, you were directly responsible for the success of our kids hearing what God had for them. THANK YOU!

For this fall, there are some changes on Sunday evenings. M&M's (Music and Missions) and M&M's minis (for fours and fives) has begun. If your child loves being involved in missions (or you want them to love it), Sunday nights are for them. Mrs. Buttons is teaching our first through sixth graders upstairs and we have others teaching missions downstairs to our fours and fives. Our church will hear music from both groups later in the year.

The October 3 Bravehearted Boys Superheroes event has been delayed until spring to allow us to spread the word and make it a community event. Keep your eyes and ears open as we will need your help with advertising and promotion.

Cook's Kids Club will be held Oct. 3 from 6:00-9:30. As always, it is a free event designed to help your kids understand more of God's love for them.

October 29 we will have a fall festival for our church kids. Please contact Rebecca Welch if you would like to help.

October 31 we will be seen by our community as we stand outside the church and hand out gifts to those who come past as they target the neighborhoods around us for trick or treating. Sound like something you could help with? Let Penny or Rebecca know, your assistance is needed!

Fall is obviously a busy time; remember to not let events, schedules and things take priority over your personal time with God.


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Cook's Kids - September 2014

In August, we promoted our kids up, watched Everyone's Hero and discussed the importance of family, celebrated going back to school with a pool party, and began our fall semester of the DIGG (Digging Into God's Guidebook.)

September will be an exciting and even busier month for Cook's Kids.

  • A Luau themed Cook's Kids Club will take place from 6:00-9:30pm on September 5. Be sure and send your kids a towel and maybe even a change of clothes. We plan to have water games, hot dogs, and lots of fun!
  • Willie's Redneck Rodeo will take place Sunday, September 14 through Wednesday, September, 17. Gather 'round as Willie, Jase, and the crew teach us Christian values from Jesus' parables! Values such as Redonkulous Faith, Radical Forgiveness, and Real Obedience. We will meet in the Upper Room (Youth Room) on Sunday morning at 10:15 and at 6:00 pm nightly.
  • On September 21, we will kick off our m & m's nights. Sundays at 5:00 pm we will study missions and learn some music....we may even share a pack or two of m & m's!

Be sure and check out Bravehearted Boys online at to preview the Parent/Son event we have coming on October 3. Then go over to to purchase your ticket. For less than the price of two movie tickets, you and your son, grandson, or nephew can learn how to be superheroes for God!

Penny Dunn

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Cook's Kids - April 2014

April 6 - Church Bible Drill

April 13 - District Bible Drill

April 18 - Walk With Jesus Family Event will take place from 6-9 pm. A five station experience, this will even help Parents discuss the week of Jesus death, burial, and Resurrection in a hands-on attention-holding event. Make plans to spend the evening of Good Friday with Your kids here in our first ever Walk With Jesus.

April 22 - State Bible Drill, Temple Baptist Church

On March 8 we had a group attend MJAM to learn more about missions. These kids learned how to say hello in three different languages including Chinese. Facts about Lottie Moon and her love for the Chinese people were presented; Annie Armstrong's place is South Baptist missions history was discussed; our kids made salvation bracelets for Brazilian missions; and our own Caleb Free won a foreign language Bible drill in our class on Maritime Missions.

Cook's Kids were absolutely the best group of kids I have ever taken to an event. There were respectful, listened to the missionaries, asked thoughtful questions, and participated in every area. Our kids were definitely God-honoring!

To all of you who volunteered to work in our nursery during the Thirst Conference, THANK YOU!!! Because you were willing to miss one service, our normal nursery workers were able to attend most services and only miss one or two. Your generosity with your time is greatly appreciated.

Penny Dunn


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Cook's Kids - May 2014

To those of you who helped with our Walk With Jesus...


Your time and effort is greatly appreciated and what a wonderful experience it was for our families! In this lifetime we will never know the full extent the impact your work will have on this world, but God promises his Word does not return void. When we get to Heaven, the result will be evident as we worship our Savior together with those who were eternally affected. Praise God for a church family that sees the necessity of showing kids the way to walk with Jesus.

Our kids were absolutely amazing as they competed in the church, region, and state Bible drills. I am thoroughly impressed with what they have learned: the scripture they know, the speed with which they find verses, and their ability to recall quickly the books before and after any Bible book you say. Thank you Bible Drill leaders for your dedication.

Penny Dunn

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Cook's Kids - July 2014

CentriKid is a five day, four night camp for 3rd-6th graders to experience the time of their lives and learn more about the message of Jesus Christ! From the future sports star to the young scientist to the rising chef, every kid gets to participate in exciting activities of their choice. Church groups bring kids to camp where they'll take part in Bible study, recreation, track times, and worship. Camps are staffed by college and seminary students who can't wait to hang out with your kids and love to share Christ through every aspect of camp! We have 16 kids and five adults who will attend Centrikid at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas July21-25. Please pray that God will work in the hearts of those attending. If you would like to sponsor a student, please let someone on staff know.

A HUGE Thank you to all our VBS volunteers who worked Agency D3! God provided 88 volunteers to form relationships with kids as we discovered that Jesus is the son of God and that He was more than just a good man. We learned that God had a plan when Jesus came and the decision to follow Jesus is the most important decision we can make. Being able to defend our faith is important and these volunteers helped our kids know that we can.

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