Freely Given - November 2015

“The Peace That Comes From Obedience”

In these days of transition in our church, it is important that we stay focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and not become fearful of the future. He has been the Head of our church and He is still the Head of our church. Our part is simply to obey what He tells us to do next. Many times we view obedience as a negative thing. On the contrary, it is absolutely essential in order for us to draw on the strength of the Lord during difficult times.

Obedience is simply acting on what God has told us. James 2:17 tells us “faith without works is dead.” If we do not act on what God has told us, how can we claim to be followers of Jesus Christ? Glyn Evans, in his book Daily with the King, writes, “Obedience is the necessary stepping stone to fruitfulness and power. We often complain about our lack of power and beg God to hear us and send a blessing. He will send no blessing until we obey the commands He has already given us.

Although we may say we believe this, we at times act as if it is the obedience of others that is a prerequisite to God’s blessing. We must not fall for this deception. God will only bring healing and peace to our hearts through our own personal obedience, regardless of what others do. A sure sign that we are resisting the leading of the Holy Spirit in our own lives is our continuing insistence on others’ obedience as the solution to our problems. If we would just do what God has personally told us to do, He would grant us the peace necessary to patiently wait for others to respond in the obedience to His gentle prodding as well.

In these uncertain days of transition, may the Lord grant us His peace as we simply trust and obey Him.

In His Love, Bro. Todd

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