Freely Given - February 2016

Pulpit Supply/Pastor Search Committees

Please be in prayer for our Pulpit Supply and Pastor Search Committees as they seek God’s will. Our Pulpit Supply Committee is tasked with giving leadership to our church’s search for an interim pastor. Members of this committee include Steven Breshears (chairman), Brent Gay, Denise Matthews, Beckie Roach, Lou Ann Scriber, Gary Maxwell (ex-officio), and Fred Pee (ex-officio).

The Pastor Search Committee will be leading the search for a permanent pastor. Members include Mel Corley (Chairman), Janet Brown, Jake Haymon, Billy Meyers, Cindy Morgan, Sandra Pesnell, Tim Whittington, Stan Napper (ex-officio), and Marc Taylor (ex-officio).

Casa Alleluia Testimony

Mike Clark, Director of Casa Alleluia, will be our guest speaker during our Sunday evening service on February 21. Casa Alleluia is a Christian children’s home in Guatemala that cares for and raises approximately 400 children. Several of our church family have ministered at the home in recent years.

Teen Challenge Ministry

On Sunday evening, February 28, a group from the Teen Challenge ministry will be leading our evening service at 6:00PM. They will be sharing through music and testimony, with Gary Bentley, Chief Operations Officer of Louisiana Teen Challenge, bringing the evening message. Teen Challenge is a Christian recovery ministry providing help in overcoming life-dominating drug and alcohol problems.

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Freely Given - December 2015

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

As we approach this Christmas season, may our focus be not only on the gifts we are giving but to whom we are giving them. First and foremost, our best gifts must go to God Himself. He must have priority in our hearts.

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we also must never forget that Jesus Himself said the reason He came was “to seek and save the lost.” When we join Jesus in His work of sharing the gospel through our lives and resources, we truly are giving to God.

This is why the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is so important. All the money goes directly to support our international mission efforts across the world. As you consider your gift-giving this year, consider a sacrificial gift to this offering.

Christmas Musical at the Library Events Center

As we continue to share Jesus here with the people of Ruston don’t forget to remember Jason and the Ceaseless Praise choir in your prayers as they join with Calvary Baptist Church and St. David Missionary Baptist Church in presenting their Christmas musical on Friday, December 11 at the Lincoln Parish Library Events Center at 6:00 PM. While the musical will be presented on December 6 at Cook, it is our hope that this alternative venue at the library may be attractive to those who would not normally come to a church building.

Please pray and ask God to show you someone you can invite to come and hear the message of Jesus Christ presented through this musical. This is one more way to give to God this Christmas season.

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Freely Given - January 2016

New Wednesday Schedule

Beginning Wednesday, January 6, we will make a slight change in our Wednesday evening schedule. While the Wednesday supper will continue on the same schedule as before (4:45-5:45), our beginning times for our Wednesday evening programs will shift forward 15 minutes to 6:00PM. The new schedule is as follows:

4:45—5:45 PM Supper
6:00—6:30 PM Prayer Meeting
6:00—7:30 PM TEAM KID (for children ages 4—6th grade), Youth Bible Study, College Bible Study
6:30—7:30 PM Adult Bible Study, Teacher’s Meeting, Intercessory Prayer, Adult Choir

Note: Our Sunday evening youth and children’s ministry activities will resume on Sunday evening, January 17 at 4:30 PM.

LIFT Groups

Our next LIFT Groups are scheduled for Sunday evening, January 10 at 6:00 PM. Remember that LIFT stands for Living In Fellowship Together. These groups provide opportunities for our church family to gather in small groups with others in the church for the purpose of getting to know each other better. Those who participate are assigned randomly to the various host homes who agree to provide their home for the event. If you did not participate last October in our first LIFT groups but would like to this time, please let the office know as soon as possible.


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Freely Given - November 2015

“The Peace That Comes From Obedience”

In these days of transition in our church, it is important that we stay focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and not become fearful of the future. He has been the Head of our church and He is still the Head of our church. Our part is simply to obey what He tells us to do next. Many times we view obedience as a negative thing. On the contrary, it is absolutely essential in order for us to draw on the strength of the Lord during difficult times.

Obedience is simply acting on what God has told us. James 2:17 tells us “faith without works is dead.” If we do not act on what God has told us, how can we claim to be followers of Jesus Christ? Glyn Evans, in his book Daily with the King, writes, “Obedience is the necessary stepping stone to fruitfulness and power. We often complain about our lack of power and beg God to hear us and send a blessing. He will send no blessing until we obey the commands He has already given us.

Although we may say we believe this, we at times act as if it is the obedience of others that is a prerequisite to God’s blessing. We must not fall for this deception. God will only bring healing and peace to our hearts through our own personal obedience, regardless of what others do. A sure sign that we are resisting the leading of the Holy Spirit in our own lives is our continuing insistence on others’ obedience as the solution to our problems. If we would just do what God has personally told us to do, He would grant us the peace necessary to patiently wait for others to respond in the obedience to His gentle prodding as well.

In these uncertain days of transition, may the Lord grant us His peace as we simply trust and obey Him.

In His Love, Bro. Todd

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Freely Given - October 2015

LIFT Groups

On Sunday, October 4 we will have our first meeting with our LIFT groups at 6PM. LIFT stands for Living In Fellowship Together. LIFT Groups will meet once a quarter on Sunday evenings for the purpose of the Cook Baptist Church Family getting to know each other better. Groups will include three or four family units meeting in a host home. A family unit consists of either a single person or a married couple including children.

At this time, nine homes have agreed to serve as host homes for the October 4th meeting. They have been asked to provide a location as well as facilitate the group time. Individuals who sign up to attend will be randomly assigned to a host home. If you plan to attend on October 4th but have not yet signed up, please let the office know as soon as possible.

Judgement House

We are continuing to enlist actors and as well as supporting cast and crew for our Judgement House drama. The performance dates are October 25, 27, 28, 29, 31 and November 1. For more information about how you can be involved, please contact our Judgement House director, Harold Henderson.

Cook Kidz Club

Our next Cook Kidz Club is scheduled for Friday, October 2.

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