Freely Given - June 2014

But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

I Corinthians 2:14

As we seek the Lord in personal and corporate worship, we should be asking God to speak to our hearts. I Corinthians 2:14 clearly teaches us that spiritual truth is only understood with the help of the Spirit of God. To receive a word from the Lord, our hearts must be open to the Holy Spirit We must approach God with a heart that desires to obey the Lord before He tells us what to do.

From the scripture we already know in a general sense where He will lead us. A disciple of Jesus Christ is one who follows Him. As His disciples, He will lead us where He went. Where did He go? To the cross. Where will He lead us? To our own crosses! Crosses that will crucify all the sinful attitudes, beliefs, fears, and actions that have held us in bondage for so many years.

Many times God will use difficult circumstances to accomplish this crucifixion. It is in these times of suffering that God can reveal to us things about ourselves that we were not ready to hear before. Only as we agree with God that these things are present in our hearts and are willing to release them to Him are we filled with the Spirit so that we can truly, "be about the Father's business." But that is really the question here isn't it?

Are we going to "be about the Father's business" ... or our own?


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Freely Given - May 2014

Evening Worship in May

Please make note of the special opportunities for our church family to worship together in the month of May.

Evening Worship led by our College ministry - (May 4)

Mother's Day-No joint evening worship held at Cook - (May 11)

Evening Worship led by our Youth ministry - (May 18)

Guest speaker Kenneth Swanner in evening worship - (May 25)


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Freely Given - April 2014

During the month of April, we will have two special off-site worship events. The first is the Easter Community Service which will be held at Howard Auditorium on the Tech campus on Sunday evening, April 6. It will begin at 6 pm with childcare provided at our church facility. For those interested in being a part of the joint worship choir that evening, rehearsal will be at Howard Auditorium at 5 pm.

The second event will be our Easter Sunrise Service. It will be held at Railroad Park on Sunday morning, April 20, at 7:15 am.

On Sunday evening, April 13, our Adult Choir will be presenting the Easter musical, "REDEEMED—The Gospel Changes Everything." Through the means of music, "REDEEMED" shares the "unconditional love of the Savior, the simple power of the gospel story, and the freedom and acceptance that comes from knowing you are redeemed." Invite your friends and neighbors to experience this powerful presentation.

On Saturday, April 26, our Youth Choir and chaperones will be traveling to Arlington, Texas for a day at Six Flags Over Texas. The cost is $20 per youth plus meals. The sign-up deadline is Sunday, April 13. Please see Bro. Todd for more details.

Our Children's Choir will be presenting special music twice in April. On Easter Sunday morning, April 20, they will be singing both at the breakfast in the gym at 8 am and in the morning worship service at 10:15 am.

Todd Free


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