Smart Thoughts...From Bro. Jeff - July 2018

We are engaged in a war of world views. Secular humanism is fighting tooth and nail against biblical Christianity for the hearts and minds of our children. The battle has increased exponentially over the recent generations.

America rests its foundation on Biblical (Christian) principles. I remember when daily Bible reading and prayer were evicted from our schools. That happened while the majority of Americans still believed prayer and scripture reading should be a part of public education. That has proven to be a slippery slope and now, how very far we have fallen.

In the current American reality, it is obvious our great nation is bankrupt of truth, accountability, absolute authority and also hope. Recent statistics say that only 44% of Christian adults and 9% of Christian teenagers are certain of the existence of absolute moral truth. Wow!!! What happened? Honestly, it was not a radical, one decision change; it has been a slow fade. Why has moral relativism overthrown truth, home and our commitment to Jesus Christ? Something is driving our moral collapse and our future generations are being hit by the shrapnel of this generation’s explosion.

We are being taught, intentionally and consistently that earth and space sciences (cosmology, cosmogony, geology, biology, even anthropology) that we are a fluke of nature, an accident of evolution. All of which are theoretical and seek to punch God in the face. We are being indoctrinated to believe that the universe and all that exists can be explained without God. Students from kindergarten through grad school are challenged to disregard biblical, proven truth. Their hope is that if they can discredit God, His salvation and moral standards that we will not be accountable.

Why is it so difficult for atheist/agnostics to believe in intelligent design? Simply put, if there is an intelligent design, there must be a genius designer and if there is a genius designer, what must we do to be accountable to that Creator? I’ve got to tell you, it takes crazy faith to be an atheist!!!

As Americans, we must come to our senses, no, we must come back to God! The only lasting resolution to today’s conflicted culture is to come to Jesus, then commit to following Him, without hesitation and without prejudice. Cook Baptist Church is on a special assignment from God. God’s got some work in this world that can only be done by us. If you understand that, Christ in us can make all the difference.

God will bless America…in proportion to how America blesses God.

Signed, a Blessed American Patriot whose heart belongs to Jesus,

Pastor Jeff

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