Youth Ministry - October 2018

One of my favorite times of the year is fall! It brings change and cooler weather. There is nothing like seeing the leaves begin to change and the different colors that they bring. I want to let you know about a few upcoming things happening and one important thing to remember.

Remember: Stay connected! Fall can also bring business of life because you begin to gear up for the holidays and sometimes we can lose focus. Stay connected to your church and those that are going to encourage you and build you up.

Gumbo Fundraiser: October 21st. This is a cook-off event! We need people to bring gumbo so the masses can decide whose is the best. Sign up by calling the church office or in the welcome center!

5th Quarter: October 26th from “after the game” – Midnight. This will be an open gym time to hang out! We will have food. Remember, if your student is 16 they need to leave by curfew or have someone pick them up!

YEC: Youth Evangelism Celebration in Alexandria, LA is November 18th – 19th. Look for more information about this event in our church announcements

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